wild rose - Photo by Paul RegnierThe Ridges Sanctuary is internationally recognized for the incredible diversity of plant life found here. Nearly 500 vascular plants find their home in this rich complex of boreal forest and wetlands. Some, like the delicate Twinflower, are typically found much further north, but can survive here because of the cooling effects of Lake Michigan. Others, like the insect-eating Pitcher Plant and Sundew, prefer the acidic waters of the swales. Twelve endangered or threatened plant species are protected within the Sanctuary.

Among all the plants found here, perhaps none are better known and sought after than the orchids. Over 25 native orchids bloom in The Ridges Sanctuary. These range in size from the tiny Heartleaf Twayblade to the tall, elegant Showy Lady’s-slipper. In order to protect these rare beauties from damage or theft, exact locations of most orchid species are usually not disclosed except to qualified researchers.

 Blooming Dates

Common Name Scientific Name Typical Blooming Dates
Arctic Primrose Primula mistassinica May 1 – June 19
Dwarf Lake Iris Iris lacustris May 10 – June 23
Indian Paintbrush Castilleja coccinea May 18 – August 30
Gaywings Polygala paucifolia May 18 – June 21
Bog Buckbean Menyanthes trifoliata May 24 – June 15
Pink Moccasin Flower Cypripedium acaule June 5 – June 30
Yellow Lady’s-slipper Cypripedium calceolus var. pubescens June 5 – July 1
Labrador Tea Ledum groenlandicum June 5 – June 30
Twinflower Linnaea borealis June 12 – July 12
Shrubby Potentilla Potentilla fruticosa June 12 – October 10
Pitcher Plant Sarracenia purpurea June 12 – July 5
Thimbleberry Rubus parviflorus June 15 – July 6
Lance-leaved Coreopsis Coreopsis lanceolata June 15 – August 9
Wild Rose Rosa blanda June 15 – August 10
Wood Lily Lilium philadelphicum June 23 – July 20
Grass Pink Orchid Calopogon pulchellus June 23 – July 18
Showy Lady’s-slipper Cypripedium reginae June 22 – July 14
Black-eyed Susan Rudbeckia hirta June 23 – September 14
Ohio Goldenrod Solidago ohioensis July 29 – September 1
Grass of Parnassus Parnassia glauca August 5 – September 14
Dune Goldenrod Solidago simplex August 21 – September 14
Fringed Gentian Gentianopsis procera August 24 – October 1

Download a more comprehensive blooming list  of 100 species found at  The Ridges.

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