Between The Holidays

December 26th – 30th

Join us between the holidays for some family friendly activities. Activities will be set up at the Cook-Albert Fuller Center between 10 am and 4 pm. All programs are free to the community.

Click here to see full calendar of events. 

Monday, Dec. 26th: Create natural decorations such as pine cone ornaments or bunting made with cedar etchings.

Tuesday, Dec. 27th: Help our winter bird friends by creating peanut butter bird feeders to display around your yard.

Wednesday, Dec. 28th: Get crafty and create unique woodland mobiles and stick animals.

Thursday, Dec. 29th: Learn how to make homemade paper. Bring in your old holiday cards and recycle them into a unique piece of paper.

Friday, Dec. 30th: Come learn more about animal tracks and make your own track casting.

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