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An Environmental Trifecta!

Posted on Apr 22, 2013 by Katie Krouse   Comments Off on An Environmental Trifecta! | Posted in Blog · Uncategorized

It’s a big week for lovers of the earth everywhere as we come together to celebrate Earth Day. Founded in 1970 by Gaylord Nelson, Earth Day has evolved from a grassroots movement to become an international citizen crusade. Here at home, it has led to the development of hundreds of environmentally conscious organizations and is responsible for the passage of many of our national environmental laws.  Today over one billion people in 192 countries will celebrate by taking action in their communities to help further initiatives to protect the environment.

We also salute the 175th anniversary of the birth of John Muir. Known as the one of the first conservationists, Muir exhorted people the world over to “keep close to nature’s heart.” Acknowledged as the Father of our National Park System, he has inspired many generations to cherish and preserve our planet’s natural resources.

Finally, it has been over 135 years since J. Sterling Morton founded Arbor Day which we celebrate this Friday, April 26. His simple idea of setting aside a special day for tree planting is now more important than ever to revitalize our forests and transform our cities and towns.

So hug a tree … or better yet, plant one.  Renew your commitment to recycle, reuse and repurpose. Be creative. As John Muir said, “The power of imagination makes us infinite.”

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