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Ridges + Regeneration

Welcome to the Ridges + Regeneration Webpage! Here you will find information about the Ridges + Regeneration Discussion Series and helpful information for framing our discussions! 

About the Discussion Series 

“The climate crisis is not a science problem. It is a human problem. The ultimate power to change the world does not reside in technologies. It relies on reverence, respect, and compassion- for ourselves, for all people, and for life”.  

Join The Ridges in a discussion of topics covered in Paul Hawken’s new book, Regeneration: Ending the Climate Crisis in One Generation. Regeneration seeks to end the climate crisis through the lens of six frameworks: equity, reduce, protect, sequester, influence, and support. Each chapter of the book explores topics at the nexus of the climate crisis. 

Offering a sense of hope to the reader, Hawken reminds us that we are the solution to the climate crisis, both as individuals and as a collective. Regeneration brings justice and community to the center of achievable solutions. Together, we will discuss each chapter of Regeneration and come up with solutions for our community.  

Ridges + Regeneration is meant to be a conversation! Every 3 weeks, we will meet, ask questions, bounce ideas off each other, and learn from one another. A Ridges staff member will serve as a moderator, starting each discussion with some opening thoughts and questions. We will also host guest moderators who are experts in our community that can offer their perspective on the topics covered and speak to how their work intersects with the climate crisis.  

Ridges + Regeneration will take place every third Tuesday from 6:00pm-7:30pm. In order to have an inclusive discussion, we are offering the discussion both in person and online through Zoom. The number of in-person participants for each discussion is limited. If you are interested in attending in person, please contact Anna Foster at or (920)-839-2802 ext. 115. Our technology will allow us to have participation both in person and online at the same time! 

We hope that everyone who participates feels that they are a part of a community which will help them learn and grow, as we know we will through this process. These discussions are an opportunity for us to call each other in instead of calling individuals out. We welcome all who wish to be a part of this discussion and ask that all who participate do so respectfully.  

Participation in Ridges + Regeneration is FREE

Before the Discussions 

“Our economic systems, investments, and policies can bring about the degeneration of the world or its regeneration. We are either stealing the future or healing the future” 

Throughout Regeneration, Hawken focuses on six frameworks through which he believes are the frameworks for action to solve the climate crisis. “[The frameworks] overlap in many ways; however, each category holds multiple levels of discovery, innovation, and breakthrough.”  

These six frameworks are the lenses through which we will approach our discussions. When reading Regeneration, it is helpful to reflect on each chapter in regard to each of the six frameworks. This will help prepare you for our discussions as well.  

Another helpful tool at the beginning of Regeneration is Hawken’s “Readers Reference Guide”, in which he walks readers through commonly asked questions such as, “What is the difference between climate change and global warming?” or, “What is the difference between carbon and carbon dioxide?”. Reading this section helps clarify terminology that is used throughout the book.  

Where can I get Regeneration 

Regeneration is available in our Nature Store in the Cook-Fuller Nature Center in Baileys Harbor. The Nature Center is open Wednesday through Sunday from 10:00am-3:30pm. Be sure to mention that you’re interested in the discussion series when purchasing a book so we can give you more information on the series!  

Copies of Regeneration are also available at Door County libraries. However, copies that are in circulation are limited and may all be checked out at the time of discussions.  

What will follow the discussions? 

The intention of our discussions is not only to further understand Regeneration and answer questions we have about each section, but also to come up with community-oriented solutions for The Ridges, our visitors and members, Baileys Harbor, and more widely Door County. After the discussion series, we will hold a community meeting to implement the last section of the book, Action + Connection. More details about the Community Meeting will be available soon! 


Contact us via phone at (920)-839-2802, stop by our nature center (open Wednesday through Saturday 10:00am-3:30pm), or email Anna Foster at