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Take the Challenge – Rewild Your Life!

Posted on Jun 1, 2014 by Katie Krouse   Comments Off on Take the Challenge – Rewild Your Life! | Posted in Blog · Uncategorized

rewild-your-life-facebook-coverSunday, June 1 is the official start of the Rewild Your Life 30 Day Challenge.  Developing a connection with the natural world is something we can all benefit from. The Rewild Your Life Challenge asks you to commit to spending at least 30 minutes outside every day during the 30 days in June.

Why?  Well, here are a few of the results you can anticipate:

  • Increased feelings of happiness and well-being
  • Reduced stress and anxiety
  • Improved physical fitness
  • More time spent with family and friends

You can commit to the Challenge on your own, or you can connect with support by signing up at RewildYourLife and entering your name and email.  Joining is free. You’ll receive guidelines and information about suggested activities. If you’d like, you’ll also be able to share your experiences with other Challenge participants.

Whether you decide to challenge yourself personally or sign up officially, make June your month to get out there and go wild!  Your mind, body and spirit will thank you for it!



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