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The Hine’s Makes a Special Appearance This Weekend

Posted on Jul 3, 2013 by Katie Krouse   Comments Off on The Hine’s Makes a Special Appearance This Weekend | Posted in Blog · Uncategorized

HEDMal07_PBAfter spending as many as 5 years in their aquatic larval state, the Hine’s emerald dragonflies are emerging as adults and taking flight at The Ridges. These green-eyed beauties will spend much of their brief lives (4 – 5 weeks) in flight, feeding on other flying insects and establishing breeding grounds.

Within the last week, dragonfly expert Paul Burton has spotted both male and female Hine’s along Sandy, Solitude and Winter Wren swales in the Sanctuary, so if you’re out on the trails over the next few weeks you may be lucky enough to see them, too.  This federally endangered dragonfly is easily distinguished by its brilliant green eyes, dark brown and green thorax with two creamy-yellow lateral lines and delicate transparent wings.

If you don’t find them in their natural habitat, you can meet and greet a Hine’s at The Ridges Sanctuary’s booth during the Fourth of July festivities in Baileys Harbor.  What’s more, for $5 you can “Hug a Hiney” – and we have it on good authority that it’s a very attractive female member of the species!  All proceeds go to support The Ridges which is home to the most extensive Hine’s habitat in Door County. It’s the most fun you’ll have while donating to an important conservation effort.  We guarantee it!

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