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The Lusty Month of May

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Sure, it’s a song from Camelot, but just where do you suppose Lerner and Lowe got their inspiration? We’re pretty sure they took their cues from Mother Nature.

After a few days of warmer temperatures and life-giving sun, May is busting out all over! Frogs are serenading, birds are nesting, deer are venturing out of the woods and flowers are pushing up through the earth.  There’s new growth everywhere.  We’ve had reports of hummingbird and dragonfly sightings, and of course the cranes are back in the county – as are the swans and pelicans.

mute and tundra swans 1 Terrie Cooper

Mute & Tundra Swans (T. Cooper)

A picture is worth a thousand words – especially this month – so here are some photos of the lovely flora and engaging fauna that you’re likely to see as you traipse the trails here at the Sanctuary and down at our Logan Creek property.

While you’re walking, don’t be surprised if you find yourself warbling a few tunes of your own … it’s May!

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