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Thank you to everyone who donated during July's Trackchair Month! We are excited to announce that we've surpassed our goal of $6,000. In total, 35 generous donors raised $6,350 for our Trackchair program! These funds will go directly towards:

  • An enclosed trailer 
  • A solar charger 
  • Educational signage about the Trackchair 
  • Trail signage 
  • Trail infrastructure improvements that will allow us to expand the Trackchair trail 

We couldn't have done it without you. Thank you for supporting access to the outdoors!

Learn more about our Trackchair reservations and reserve our Trackchair below.

Registration is open now for May reservations! Click HERE to reserve the Trackchair

Trackchair Information and Reservations

The Ridges Sanctuary welcomes visitors of all abilities and strives to create a safe, enjoyable and engaging experience for all. Through a generous donation from Kinect M1, our Family Discovery Trail is now accessible by Trackchair. The Trackchair, also called an all-terrain wheelchair, is a wheelchair with tracks in place of wheels.


There is no cost for using the Trackchair, but all visitors over the age of 18 who are using the trails must purchase a trail pass unless they are members of The Ridges.    

If you would like to make a contribution, you may make a donation here. Donations will go towards chair maintenance and expanding opportunities for accessible experiences throughout the Sanctuary.  

User Responsibility:

  • We recommend that you plan to hike with a companion. Minors are required to have an adult companion over the age of 18. All Trackchair users must also be accompanied by a Ridges volunteer or staff member. 
  • Arrive to meet the Trackchair Host on time at the designated location per your reservation. 
  • Complete necessary forms, including waiver as outlined below. 
  • Remain in visual contact with Ridges staff or volunteer for safety.
  • Remain on the designated Trackchair trails.
  • Be certain trash and debris is cleaned from the chair.
  • Return the Trackchair in the condition it was taken out, minus normal wear and tear such as mud or sand on the treads.  


As with all trail users, we suggest that Trackchair Users and those accompanying them bring the following: water, snacks, sunscreen, insect repellent, necessary medication, medical equipment, cell phone, hat, seat cushion, and weather-appropriate clothing – including an extra layer for changing weather. PLEASE NOTE THAT YOU WILL BE ON A TRAIL WITHOUT IMMEDIATE ACCESS TO BACKUP MEDICATION AND MEDICAL EQUIPMENT. The maximum weight for the Trackchair is 300 pounds with equipment. The Trackchair is 18 inches wide between the armrests. 

Transfer Assistance:

Trackchair Users should bring any transfer items they typically use. Transfer slide boards are not currently available. If the Trackchair User requires physical assistance with transferring, a companion must assist. Ridges staff and volunteers are limited in the amount of personal/physical assistance they can provide.  


The Ridges does not allow pets on Sanctuary trails unless they are a certified service animal. Service Dogs are welcome and may be used as deemed appropriate by the owner; leash is required. Please note that the Trackchair requires attention to changing terrain and conditions and is much heavier and wider than an adult-sized wheelchair.


The Trackchair currently runs on specific trails. The Trackchair may only be used on the designated trail. Operating the Trackchair on a trail not designated is not allowed. Trackchairs must remain on the marked trail and may not be taken off trail into wooded areas. Going off the designated trail or down banks or hills that are not on a marked trail may pose a danger to the user and their companions. 


Trackchair seatbelts must be worn while operating the chair. Harnesses are dependent on Trackchair User needs. Our Trackchair is not equipped with a harness. 


Reservations for the Trackchair are available from May through October, offered Monday, Wednesday, and Friday,  with some exceptions for holidays and/or Ridges events. Anyone can reserve the Trackchair to use on the designated trails by clicking the link to our reservation system below. Reservations must be made at least one week in advance. Registration is open now for May reservations!

Once you fill out and submit the reservation request, you will receive an email confirmation from a Ridges staff member. You will also be contacted if Ridges staff have questions about your reservation or are unable to meet your reservation request. If you have any questions, contact   

In order to use the Trackchair, the user must fill out a Liability Waiver before their orientation. The front desk will provide you with a waiver. You can also access the waiver here. Every Trackchair user must complete an orientation with a Ridges staff member before taking the Trackchair out on the designated trail. This includes signing the Liability Waiver, watching the Trackchair instructional video, and completing the Safety Checklist with a Ridges staff person or volunteer.  

The Ridges may cancel a reservation for any reason.  

The Trackchair program is meant to be used by Ridges visitors who need hiking assistance to experience the Sanctuary. Because of limited availability, it may only be reserved by those who find it difficult to experience the designated trail without assistance.

Please review the Trackchair and safety information outlined above before your visit.