Citizen Science

The Ridges citizen science program offers volunteers the opportunity to assist with important field work and the chance to see some amazing things in the process.

citizen science

During 2012 road stream crossing inventories, volunteers spotted the nest of a roughed grouse.

Phenology is the study of recurring animal and plant life cycle events and their timing as it relates to weather and climate. Collection of data on these cycles or on species abundance and distribution is a major tool for rating change over time. Physical, chemical and biological information ultimately lays the foundation to draw conclusions about local and regional environmental health. The Ridges provides educational opportunities for Door County residents to become better stewards through county-wide or on-site citizen science programs.

Spring Citizen Science Opportunities:


Eastern Bluebird Monitoring

Wood Duck Monitoring

Northern Flying Squirrel Monitoring

Orchid Propagation Project


We are always growing!

Contact The Ridges at 920-839-2802 to join a one-time project or a continuous seasonal program.


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