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Shoreline at the Edge

Door County’s Lakeside Forests and Wetlands

The lowlands of The Ridges Sanctuary, one of twenty aerielscapes by photographer Paul M. Lurie featured in the new book, Shoreline at the Edge: Door County’s Lakeside Forests and Wetlands. The Ridges landscape is one of the most biologically varied in Wisconsin and home to the threatened ram’s head lady’s slipper, the elusive moccasin flower and what is thought to be the world’s largest concentration of the Hine’s emerald dragonfly.


Hardcover with dust jacket

105 pages, 10 ¼” x 11 ¼” x ¾”

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Door County Land Trust

Door County’s beauty inspires the imagination. The peninsula is at the southern edge of an enormous forest that wraps around the top of the globe and helps protect the world. Encompassing more than 141,000 acres along the Lake Michigan shoreline, this internationally recognized ecosystem is one of the most outstanding, varied – and most threatened areas of the western Great Lakes region. Rising temperatures and a changing climate are threatening the peninsula’s trees and wetlands, a sign that this oxygen-producing boreal forest is retreating.

Through aerial photographs, Shoreline at the Edge authors explain why the county’s changing coast is an ominous signal of the effects of climate change. Yet they offer hope by recounting the county’s longstanding history of land conservation. Through photos and words, you’ll meet the volunteers and others who look after the lakeside of the Peninsula whose dedication to the land has inspired a sense of stewardship and sparked a grassroots preservation movement that continues today.

Photographer Paul M. Lurie is a seasoned Baileys Harbor resident who captures the imagination with a series of stunning aerial photographs taken from above the Lake Michigan shoreline.

Narratives and captions by Steve Leonard, former executive director of The Ridges Sanctuary and Cinnamon Rossman, director of charitable giving of the Door County Land Trust, provide ecological and scientific information, as well as a glimpse in the history that spans from geologic times to the present.

Shoreline at the Edge books have been provided to The Ridges Sanctuary through a generous donation by Paul Lurie. All proceeds go to support our mission to protect the Sanctuary and inspire stewardship of natural areas through programs of education, outreach and research.

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