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Festival of Nature

The Door County Festival of Nature is a series of events coordinated by The Ridges Sanctuary and our partners in conservation to encourage visitors, residents, members, and friends to explore and celebrate the natural beauty of the Door Peninsula. Each year, we organize a number of field trips throughout the county, and special events to allow you to experience the county with field trips intimately involved in protecting and preserving these natural spaces and educating our community on their importance.

Join us for the 22nd Annual Festival of Nature, May 23rd-26th! Festival program booklets will be available in early March. This year’s festival theme is Community. From the beautiful tapestry of boreal and deciduous forests to diverse wetland habitats to the compassionate and resilient people who call the peninsula home, we are all a community. Explore the natural beauty of the peninsula with The Ridges and our partners in conservation! We encourage you to learn more about this incredible event series and get ready to join us for Memorial Day Weekend! For more information, including field trip information, registration, resources, and sponsors, visit our Festival of Nature website:


Browse the full 2024 Festival of Nature brochure by clicking the image below!