The Ridges Sanctuary

Preservation, Education, and Research

Hunting Policies

Deer Hunting: Wisconsin’s 2023 Gun Deer Hunting Season (November 18-26)

In order to better manage The Ridges Sanctuary and to control the damage caused by white-tailed deer, portions of The Ridges Sanctuary are open to hunting during the gun deer hunting season. Even though hunting is not allowed on established trails, all Ridges trails are closed during the gun hunting season. This trail closure applies to hiking trails in Baileys Harbor and at The Ridges’ Logan Creek Property near Jacksonport.

The Sanctuary was established to protect and preserve the unique flora of this area. White-tailed deer, with historically and unnaturally high population densities, are threatening the existence of such plants as the Showy Lady’s-Slipper. When faced with the fact that orchids and other rare plants are being browsed by deer, the decision was made to allow hunting in order to keep the number of deer in a more appropriate balance with their habitat.

All Other Hunting

The Ridges has received funds from the Knowles Nelson Stewardship Fund to acquire some recent land parcels. The Fund supports land preservation plus opening up the land for many different public uses. These recent parcels are now open to all hunting and trapping seasons. Hunters need to refer to the hunting maps as to what properties are open to different hunting seasons. Hunters need to follow all Wisconsin DNR hunting and trapping regulations.

Registration Form

The Ridges requires that all hunters and trappers fill out a Registration Form and return it to The Ridges prior to hunting or trapping on our property. Hunting or trapping without prior registration, or violation of any stated rules, will be cause for automatic denial of permission to hunt on The Ridges’ property in the future. This form also lists the Special Hunters’ Provisions by which all hunters must abide. Registration Forms and property maps are available at the Ridges office, 8166 Hwy 57. If you have any questions or wish to report violations of DNR hunting laws, call (920) 839-2802 or the Door County Sheriff at (920) 746-2400.

Baileys Harbor Hunting Map

Logan Creek Hunting Map