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The Ridges Sanctuary Master Plan

Where are we now?

We've been busy! Over the last 7 months, we've been working hard with our friends at SmithGroup and PROS Consulting to interpret, ideate and formulate a 20-year vision for The Ridges Sanctuary. With the help of our board, volunteers, members, community, neighbors and staff, we have approached the development of Draft Concept Plans for the very important 20-year vision. Keep reading to see what we're up to and find out how you can get involved.

The draft concept plans have been revealed! This process has been informed over the last seven months by input from Ridges members, board, volunteers, staff, neighbors, and program participants. Most recently, Ridges board and staff gathered in December at the Ridges Retreat to formulate a concept. These ideas, supported by the endless feedback we’ve heard from you, have generated a few concept plans that we are excited to share. Now it is time to refine the concepts.

We value your feedback in this process. We are excited to take the next steps and we rely on the feedback and support of our members, community, and neighbors to ensure that the future of The Ridges Sanctuary is the best representation of our special organization.

To everyone that joined us on February 15th, for a live presentation of the draft concept plans, we thank you! We are excited about our opportunities ahead and look forward to hearing your thoughts. Please submit your feedback after reviewing the concept plans. If you'd like to reference the presentation for your feedback submission, please use the resources below. The deadline to submit feedback is 5:00pm on Wednesday, March 8th. 

If you missed the presentation, no worries you can still participate! Watch the recording and submit feedback below.

Presentation Slides and Recording of the Wednesday, 2/15/23, Review of Draft Concept Plans. 

Background on this process

The Ridges Sanctuary is excited to be developing a 20-year vision for the Sanctuary that incorporates the potential for preservation and growth of the Sanctuary, along with the adjacent Ridges Inn property which we are currently under contract to purchase. We are partnering with SmithGroup, a Madison, WI-based design firm in partnership with PROS Consulting. Between now and May of 2023, we will use this webpage to provide updates, introduce new ideas, promote public engagement, and continuously provide information of how you can get involved.

If you have any questions or would like to learn more, please feel free to contact

Andy Gill 920.839.2802 x 107


Katie Krouse 920.839.2802 x 101

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