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100+Women Who Care Door County (100+WWC) Continues Trend of Giving Events

Posted on May 8, 2024 by Jeanne Farrell   No Comments Yet | Posted in Featured · In the News

The April 2024 Giving Circle presented $31,000 for a grand total of $565,000 awarded to 57 unique nonprofits since July 2018.

Press Release issued by 100+Women Who Care Door County – April 30, 2024

100+ Women Who Care Door County (100+WWC) Giving Circle continues its philanthropic platform to provide financial support to nonprofits of Door County at its quarterly Giving Events. After presenting information regarding the good work being accomplished at these organizations, three nonprofits received awards on Monday April 22, 2024.

The total monetary award granted at the Giving Event was the highest to date at approximately $31,000 from 395 members. The Ridges Sanctuary was the recipient of the Main Award of $15,500, while the Runner Up Awards of $7,750 each were given to Door Shakespeare and Birch Creek Music Performance Center.

Katie Krouse, Executive Director, the Ridges Sanctuary, could not contain her enthusiasm. “I have the privilege of sharing our unique, robust, culturally and naturally significant story with our community regularly. Sharing The Ridges with the incredible 100+ Women Who Care community was unmatched. To be surrounded by a collective of women that represent the wide expanse of our community, was beyond empowering. The contributions made by the women of 100+ Women Who Care Door County will help The Ridges maintain our robust program offering and offer free and scholarship supported programs to our local community and visitors. We are truly grateful for this special opportunity and cannot wait to share the important work of this group with our network.”

Birch Creek Music Performance Center also has a positive impact on Door County and on the attendees each summer. Mona Christensen, Executive Director and 100+WWC member, shared “Every student who attends Birch Creek leaves with a whole new set of skills, a boost in confidence, connections to a diverse music network of faculty from across the country that couldn’t happen anywhere else. The growth we see in just two weeks in every student is remarkable. Birch Creek is one of the most inspiring places in the world!”

Also inspiring is Door Shakespeare’s summer theater camp. “There is nothing better than seeing a Camp Will camper leave a little taller than when they arrive”, declared Amy Ensign, Producing Artistic Director, Door Shakespeare and 100+WWC member. “By providing a safe and supportive learning environment, our campers are able to express their individuality, and at the same time find a common ground with their scene partners and the audience, which ultimately leads to helping them discover their own voice.”

Mary Moster, 100+WWC member and nominator for Birch Creek, commented about her participation in 100+WWC. “It’s particularly satisfying to see our contributions immediately converted into action, as the decision on allocating donations happens right after the presentations. It’s rewarding to hear how non-profits who received donations previously have used the funds to meet their goals and objectives.”

At the next scheduled Giving Event On July 22, 2024, the nonprofits presenting information and organizational goals include Horseshoe Bay Farms, Salvation Army – Door County Service Extension, and the Door County Food Pantry Coalition. These nonprofits were drawn from a hat that was populated with member-nominated, vetted, and qualified nonprofits. The nominating member and the nonprofit representative will present and answer questions prior to member voting.

The July Giving Event will be held at the Kress Pavilion, 7845 Church Street, Egg Harbor and will also be available for viewing via LiveStream for those who cannot attend in person. There will also be a social picnic prior to the giving event on the veranda of the Kress Pavilion.

To become a member of this sensational local women’s group and help increase the size of the monetary benefits to the Door County community, visit

Pictured (left to right): Ann Glessner (100+WWC Board), Judy Lokken (100+WWC Nominating Member), Katie Krouse (Executive Director, The Ridges Sanctuary), Penny Niesen (100+WWC Presenting Member) and Ann Morgan (100+WWC Co-founder/President).

Pictured (left to right): Ann Glessner (100+WWC Board), Mary Moster (100+WWC Nominating Member), Mona Christensen (Executive Director, Birch Creek Music Performance Center & 100+WWC Member), and Ann Morgan (100+WWC Co-founder/President).

Pictured (left to right): Ann Glessner (100+WWC Board), Amy Ensign (Door Shakespeare, Producing Artistic Director & 100+WWC Member), Jami Hanreddy (100+WWC Nominating Member), and Ann Morgan (100+WWC Co-founder/President).

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